The Prestige philosophy

At Prestige, we believe it is our job to proactively propose and provide the very best services for your business. We will always explore and suggest new ideas for you. And if we believe we can do a better job for you, in a different way, or even for a lower price, we will let you know.

Prestige values

Our values make our business strong:

  • We encourage creativity when finding solutions
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We act with integrity and professionalism
  • We treat our clients and colleagues with respect
  • Both individual initiative and teamwork are core to our success

Prestige history

2005 Prestige founded by CEO Ian Kidner, offering storage and fulfilment services.

2006 expansion into the specialist area of archiving and scanning.

2008 strategic move into magazine and publication finishing.

2009 acquisition of Pakfin Logistics re-affirmed Prestige’s commitment to the magazine and publication finishing market.

2011 Prestige acquired e-commerce and fulfilment specialist AASM Ltd (AASM) based in Corby, Northamptonshire.

2013 and beyond, our commitment is to further enhance our product offering in our core areas of e-commerce, finishing, fulfilment and storage.

14th October 2016

Prestige have one 2 large contracts in the recent months meaning we will be storing anything from double beds to keyrings, and everything in between. One customer has asked us to store in excess of 50 continers of furniture deemed for blocks of flats in London when they are built; and another has asked us to complete all the promotional distribution for an International Marketing company. As they say, nothing too large or small for Prestige to handle (within reason...)

10th June 2016

As Prestige continue to grow and there is a never ending need for storing imported products; Prestige has purchased 33 shipping containers to provide even more capacity at their 103,000 square foot warehouse.

12th March 2016

A further 2,000 pallet spaces of racking has just been purchased an installed at Clacton giving even more storage space to accommodate for the growth in E-Commerce sales.